Can you die from Insomnia?

Fatal Familiar Insomnia (FFI) is a deadly form of insomnia that runs in some families.
This condition is extremely rare, so rare that it has just been named and is currently under study around the world. What we know about this disease is:
The disease is based on a protein abnormality, when a protein called a prion attacks the thalamus.
It’s genetically inherited and passed down through generations.
The first sign of FFI is sleeplessness, followed by continued insomnia with hallucinations and panic attacks, progressing to total insomnia and weight loss, which then progresses until the victim is so sleep deprived that his or her systems shut down until death occurs.
In one particular case a man developed the disease in his fifties after having slept pretty well throughout his life, which is common for this disease.
Then his troubles with sleep snowballed to the point where his body wouldn’t let him rest. He died within months. But don’t panic, this is extremely rare.